I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA. I

graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor

of Arts in Hospitality Management. After graduation, I worked in hotel sales for 7 years

before joining the financial services industry in 2003. I have been recognized with

numerous awards for my outstanding sales record throughout my entire career. My tenure

and accomplishments are a direct reflection of my comprehension of the financial needs of

the community in which I serve. I take great pride in helping people protect themselves and

their families financially and properly prepare them for retirement.

My passion is speaking to women’s groups, churches and civic organizations, on topics

such as: Budgeting, college planning, tax free retirement, understanding life insurance,

specifically the new type of insurance, long term care, final expenses, getting your financial

house in order, getting out of debt, and much more. I have been featured on Seek Purpose,

Live Dreams TV.

I truly believe my love of educating people on financial principles in public forums

resonates to everyone that has ever heard me speak. Financial seminars are my way of

giving back to the communities I serve, in providing some very valuable information that

everyone needs to know. I do realize that most times our communities are the last to be

privy to new financial principles that are of a critical nature.

My goal is to educate as many people as possible about the many benefits of life insurance,

and for people to understand the powerfulness of this vehicle. It’s no longer just about

what life insurance can do for someone else when you die. It’s about what it can do for you

while you are living, and being able to create generational wealth using this impactful

product. I am on a crusade and it is my responsibility to correct this negative stigma, as it
relates to life insurance.